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Caution on the Move of Corporate Personnel Trainin..., 2010

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Title Caution on the Move of Corporate Personnel Training Department to a Degree Granting Institution
Date 2010
Material Type Journal Article
Creator/Author Karmon, David J., College of Business Administration
Additional Contributors Owsen, Dwight M., Central Michigan University
Publisher International Journal of Quality & Productivity Management
Copyright Copyright 2010 by International Journal of Quality & Productivity Management. In accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code, Copyright Law of the United States of America, this material is copyrighted, and any further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without the permission of the copyright owner.
Subject Employer-supported education; Employees, Training of; Occupational training;
Description Expanding corporate training departments to degree granting institutions may distract corporations from their primary business functions. This paper provides arguments for corporations to resist the trend to elevate corporate training departments to the status of corporate universities. These programs are costly in terms of physical and human resources, without adding value to the firm beyond what is provided by traditional universities. In addition, such corporate degrees are not likely to be as valuable to firms, nor to degree recipients, as degrees from traditional universities
Source Karmon and Owsen, International Journal of Quality & Productivity Management, 10:1 (2010): 20-29
Language English
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