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Getting Published: An Overview for Off-Campus Libr..., 2008

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Title Getting Published: An Overview for Off-Campus Librarians
Date 2008
Material Type Journal Article; Conference Proceedings
Creator/Author Lorenzen, Michael, Central Michigan University Libraries
Publisher Central Michigan University
Copyright Copyright 2008 by Central Michigan University. This material is copyrighted and any further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without the permission of the copyright owner.
Subject Publishing; Academic journals; Distance librarians; Book reviews; Editing; Peer-review; Library science -- Authorship; Library science literature -- Publishing;
Description Librarians who provide service to distance education patrons have a lot of knowledge that they could share with the wider profession by publishing. Fortunately, this is easy to do. This paper provides information on the different kinds of publishing that are available, from book reviews to submitting articles to peer-reviewed journals. It also offers advice on how to find the right journal to submit to including looking at factors such as the audience, prestige, and length of time to publication for the journal. Further, this paper includes tips on what to do when submitting a manuscript, including the query letter, following author guidelines, and proof reading. It also has ideas on how to respond to comments from editors and peer-reviewers. Finally, this paper covers what to do when a manuscript is rejected and examines non-traditional publishing options such as blogs and Wikis.
Source Off-Campus Library Services Conference, Mathson, S. M., & Garrison, J. A. (2008). The Thirteenth Off-Campus Library Services Conference proceedings. Mt. Pleasant, MI: Central Michigan University, 227-234.
Language English
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