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Public Health Ethics, Business and Terrorism, 2006

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Title Public Health Ethics, Business and Terrorism
Date 2006
Material Type Book Chapter
Creator/Author O'Boyle, Irene, School of Health Sciences
Additional Contributors Simms, Michele, University of St. Thomas
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
Copyright Community Preparedness and Response to Terrorism Vol. 2. The Role of Community Organizations and Business. Ed. Johnson, James; Kennedy, Michael; and Delener, Nejdet. Copyright 2005 by James A. Johnson, Michael H. Kennedy and Nejdet Delener. All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, by any process or technique, without the express written consent of the publisher. Reproduced with permission of Greewood Publishing Group, Inc., Wesport, CT. The workds "Greewood Publishing Group, Inc.
Subject Public health; Emergency response; Terrorism; Communication in public health; Emergency management; Crisis management
Description The role of public health in understanding the threat of terrorism and warfare in the context of international and global concerns while also requiring an ethical response locally and from the community is examined. A continued focus on the basics of the public health infrastructure will form and inform the "new" ethics of sustainability, human rights, and community health and practice. The chapter concludes with implications and suggested roles for public health institutions.
Source O'Boyle, I., Simms, M. "Public Health Ethics, Business and Terrorism". Community preparedness and response to terrorism. Vol. 2. The role of community organizations and business. (2006) 249-266.
Language English
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