Off-Campus Faculty Perception of the Value of Libr..., 1995



Off-Campus Faculty Perception of the Value of Library User Education
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Conference Proceedings
Craig, Monica, Central Michigan University Off-campus Library Services
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DuFord, Susan, Central Michigan University, College of Extended Learning
Central Michigan University
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Library Instruction; Bibliographic Instruction; Teacher Attitudes; College Faculty; Library orientation for college students -- Evaluation; Academic libraries -- Off-campus services; Academic libraries -- Relations with faculty and curriculum; College teachers -- Attitudes;
During the summer of 1993, a user evaluation survey was administered to Central Michigan University Extended Degree Program graduates in the Detroit Metropolitan area (MIMET), who had completed the Master of Science in Administration (MSA) degree program the previous year. The findings of the survey were analyzed to determine the effectiveness of library user instruction and the value of the library use component to successful completion of assignments in subsequent courses and the final integrative project. According to the results of the survey, the students felt that library user instruction was effective and useful to the completion of course assignments and the final project. To build upon a program that was positively received by our off-campus students, it was recommended that we conduct a survey of the off-campus faculty perception of the value of library instruction to augment the findings of this study. This paper discusses the findings of a user evaluation survey which was administered to the Central Michigan University Off-Campus faculty in the Detroit Metropolitan area (MIMET), to determine their perception of the value of the library user instruction component, and their recommendations for improvements.
Craig, M.H. and DuFord, S. (1995). "Off-Campus Faculty Perception of the Value of Library User Education." Off-Campus Library Services Conference, & Jacob, C. J. The Seventh Off-campus Library Services Conference proceedings: San Diego, California, October 25-27, 1995. Mount Pleasant, Mich: Central Michigan University, 69-73.
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