Academic Assessment Model for POM Program in an AA..., 1995



Academic Assessment Model for POM Program in an AACSB Accredited University
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Journal Article
Bandyopadhyay, Jayanta K., College of Business Administration
First appeared in International Journal of Management, 13:1 (March 1996).
Copyright 1995 by Jayanta K. Bandyopadhyay. This material is copyrighted and any further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without the permission of the copyright owner.
Production management -- Study and teaching (Higher); Industrial management --Study and teaching (Higher); Universities and colleges -- Evaluation;
While nations manufacturing and service industries, in their efforts to become more competitive, are orienting themselves for global competitiveness, our old and antique universities are still teaching the classical theories and practices of Management. The content and composition of a Management program today do not match the needs of the current industries and businesses. Most of the Management programs use a classical approach which is almost obsolete in perspective of new competitive and global manufacturing and service management. Majority of the text books, despite of numerous revisions and editions, still presents study materials which are either too theoretical for any real life application or almost obsolete for current dynamic manufacturing and service environments. In order to improve the effectiveness of a Management program plans must be developed for continuously upgrading the program in perspective of the needs of its clients (the students, industries, services, and the society as a whole). The North Central Accreditation authority and also American Association of Collegiate School of Business are requiring universities to provide an academic assessment plan for all university programs, and Management is one of them [6]. This thrust by the accreditation authorities has already brought an awareness among many universities about the effectiveness of their various academic programs, many of which could have been already outdated. This paper emphasizes the urgent needs for quality assessment of academic programs in American Universities and attempts to develop an academic assessment model for higher education specially applicable for evaluating a Production & Operations Management program.
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